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Case Study:

Steel Lighting Co.

Steel Lighting Co. is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of barn lighting fixtures. All of their products are hand-crafted and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. The company is well known for giving superior customer service and making top of the line products. Their lights are “Instagram-worthy” as influencers and barnhouse decor lovers alike love to share their Steel Lighting finds. This family-owned business came to Oh Hello with the goal of growing their direct online sales with their target audience and building a relationship with their customer through their website.


Steel Lighting competes against big-box lighting companies and Amazon – companies with a variety of products and a larger marketing spend. Steel Lighting’s website didn’t accurately portray the full scale of product options and few, if any, lifestyle elements that spoke to the customer’s emotion. With storytelling lacking, the branded experience that would drive a conversion rate from their audience needed to be created.



We started with brand refinement, and completed a competitor analysis and customer interviews. We used the data and customer insights to establish a voice and tone, brand story, and audience specific messaging. What we found in our analysis was that while Steel Lighting competitors focused on features and countless options, we could dig into what the audience actually cares about: the moments and memories that happen in the spaces these lights are installed. We repositioned the brand with, “Life happens under Steel Lighting.”Telling the story that now, instead of a cold, steel, lighting fixture you order online, you’re getting a handcrafted piece that will be a part of your story. We also finessed the brand identity to match the new brand positioning.


After completing our brand refinement, we moved into redesigning and redeveloping Steel LIghting’s website. We brought in our Oh Hello partner, Sloan Anderson, to create 3-D renderings, high quality photos that allowed us to show the product in different scenarios. Through 3-D rendering, we were able to eliminate the need for costly, ongoing photo shoots for the client. We re-engineered the product pages and entire shopping user experience,allowing the user to navigate seamlessly from the home page, while also eliminating clicks for our customer.


After launching the website, the conversion rate for Steel Lighting doubled and every month since launching the redesigned website, Steel Lighting has set new records with monthly revenue.When it comes down to it, the lights in our homes, offices, stores and shops all witness our stories unfolding, because life happens under Steel Lighting.

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