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Nuclear Networking

What do you do when your SEO partner asks you to design a new website for them? Panic. Then, strategize and design. In an industry littered with corporate stock photos and marketing-speak, we wanted to help Nuclear Networking stand alone. First, we re-imagined their messaging. We created personas of their primary and secondary audiences, then crafted value propositions and messaging that each segment would understand and be drawn to. Then, we created an aesthetic for the website that felt familiar to their audience, pulling inspiration from SAAS websites their customers were already using.

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When we found out The Dairy Fairy CEO Emily Ironi approved our pitch on designing boobie stickers and door hangers, we thought we had died and gone to breast heaven. The designs were only a small part of a greater strategy we built for the company: creating a stronger tribe of moms that can find solitude in a brand that understands their emotional AND physical needs…but I mean, the graphics were the icing on the boobs cake.

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The greatest companies are born when a founder discovers a pain in their ass that is experienced by millions of others. Solodri founders Claire and Frank Jacobs came to Oh Hello with a sample of their product, a name, and a pain-in-the-ass experienced by many. It was our task to position their brand in a market cluttered with home cleaning products and “quick fixes.” We started with research, speaking to the real people who fit the personas we crafted for the company and also doing a deep dive into the cultural trends of home and cleaning. Our research and interviews exposed the perfect positioning for the brand, which guided our copywriters and designers to the finish line and ultimately helped us craft a strong brand identity for a product that now looks like you’d find it on the shelves at Target.

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steel lighting co.

What do you get when you combine a successful e-commerce business, a 3D designer, an SEO agency, the entire Oh Hello team and 10 months of researching, designing, tweaking, crying and crafting?

A freakin’ beautiful online store with the best photos, positioning, storytelling, and user experience in their industry. 

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