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Meet the Crüe

a small but mighty team of strategic thinkers and creative doers from the heart of the Midwest.

Oh Hello began as a twinkle in the eyes of three loveable misfits who were coworkers and confidants at a previous agency. They wanted to create badass brands that helped businesses grow and touch hearts and minds. So one day, Davey, Natalie and Dan did what every kid-turned-adult-of-the-machine dreams of: they quit our day jobs and dove all-in to their own adventure, saying goodbye to the old, and Oh Hello to the new.

Davey Owens

Davey Owens

Strategy Director


Once using Myspace to keep his band alive on the road, Davey eventually realized his experiences counted as marketing talents and maneuvered his way into jobs at record labels and internet startups throughout Los Angeles and Seattle. He’s swam in big ponds like Google and Amazon but enjoys the challenges that come from helping smaller companies strategize and launch new brands.

Natalie Micale

Natalie Micale

Account Director


As a former morning feature reporter and anchor, Natalie is more than comfortable in the business of making headlines, breaking stories and entertaining viewers, no matter the channel or medium. She’s a force in building sales and growth strategies that clients trust and relate to and talks about her home in Houston like all the time. Like seriously, just move back there already, Natalie.

Dan Valier

Dan Valier

Creative Director


Dan was the kid that taught himself photoshop in the computer lab after school and spent most of class drawing cartoons on his notebook. With a Senior Data Analyst job at U.C. Davis, California and over 10 years of designing logos, websites, and other assets for numerous bands behind him, he decided to master web development and design. Get Dan to open up by asking him about cheeses.

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