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By harnessing design and development talent, we create brand identities and web & mobile solutions that empower you to make an impact on the world.

Utilizing the talents of our design and development experts, we craft brand identities and web & mobile solutions that amplify your presence on the global stage.

Talent doesn’t have borders

We’re a remote agency, a loveable band of creatives who found their calling in the marketing industry. We create badass brands and help businesses grow so they can touch more hearts and minds.

We’re proud of our Midwestern roots. Yes, we’re Nebraska nice.


Proud to be based in Lincoln, Nebraska, we have a Midwestern heart with a healthy dose of big city vibes. We love to partner with industries (like trucking and construction) that have been seen as unsexy and boring, make something new, and rattle the old narrative. In other words, we like challenges.


We don’t sell you what you want, we deliver what you need. We don’t just take you on as a client, we take you on as a partner. We're here to strategize, educate, ideate, and build cool things in this world together. We’ve got your back.


We’re committed to delivering incomparable, excellent products and services that are beyond your expectations. From our technology to our communication, we don't settle for less because we want to give you an unforgettable, top notch experience. First class, baby.


Each person at our agency understands they need to own their own work process, schedule, and deliverables. Taking ownership of what we do as individuals and knowing how it affects the entire team makes us ALL better. We take responsibility, we own it, we get shit done!

Meet the intrepid innovators behind Oh Hello.

Natalie Micale

Founder & CEO

Natalie Micale is the founder and CEO of Oh Hello Agency. A Latina entrepreneur passionate about building brands that change the world, Natalie got her start in TV news, working as an anchor and reporter around the midwest. After she left the news biz, she cut her agency teeth at Evol Empire as the Head of Business Development before the agency was acquired. 

In 2018, Natalie founded Oh Hello, a brand innovation lab. Oh Hello has evolved over the last 5 years into a creative digital firm, with 20 people. This creative storyteller powerhouse gets fired up about building powerful brands, telling big stories, and using brand strategy to propel your campaign forward and win the hearts and minds of your consumers.

People first always

There are 20 people on our team who are thinkers, makers, artists, leaders, and doers. Now that we’ve got your attention, take a minute to get to know us. Meet the All-Star leaders at Oh Hello.


Operations Director
Finance Director
Creative Director
Head of Web Development

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategist
Brand Strategist
Brand Strategist
Brand Strategist
Brand Strategist
Social Media Strategist

Client Success

Head of Partnerships
Account Manager
Account Manager
Executive Assistant

Design & Development

Lead Web Engineer
Web Engineer
Web Engineer
UI/UX Designer

We’re not your typical agency; we’re a dynamic remote team of creative thinkers who believe in working hard, taking breaks to play, and finding inspiration in the real world. Our passion is fueled by our ability to step outside the traditional office environment, preventing burnout and ensuring we bring fresh, ideas to every project.

It started with a passion to innovate.

We started in 2018 to give anyone the power to easily create their own online presence.
November 2018
A Tale of Birth and Beginnings
Oh Hello was born

We started Oh Hello as a “brand innovation lab,” in 2018 with one simple mission: craft brands that transform strangers into die-hard fans.

We developed the proprietary Say Hello framework, equipping brands with a compelling strategy that sets them apart in the market and paves the way for remarkable success.

November 2019
A Journey of Expansion and Growth
Oh Hello Evolves and Expands

In November 2019, Natalie Micale took the helm as our Chief Executive Officer, and Oh Hello embarked on an exciting journey of growth and innovation. We expanded our services to encompass web design and development, digital marketing, and content creation, elevating our offerings to meet our clients' evolving needs. This transformation turned us into a full-fledged creative digital agency, ready to craft remarkable marketing solutions.

December 2020
Community Compassion
Delivering Local Support During A Pandemic

At Oh Hello, we played a pivotal role in assisting local businesses throughout the pandemic, offering a comprehensive small business directory and partnering with government leaders to champion the benefits of digital marketing strategies for our communities.

January 2021
Unleashing New Talent to Reach New Heights
New Talent Levels Us Up

We enhanced our team significantly, welcoming seasoned leaders in brand strategy with over 15 years of experience, as well as a veteran creative director with a remarkable 30-year career.

December 2022
Remembering Julian
Unexpected Loss

In December 2023, we experienced the loss of our beloved Creative Director, Julian Knight. His impact on the agency was immeasurable, having played a pivotal role in developing our branding and creative processes. Julian's passing brought our agency even closer together as we rallied to honor his legacy and continue the work he was so passionate about.

December 2023
Championing Transformation
Embracing Change, Building Legacy

In tribute to Julian's memory and the lasting impact of his work, we launched a new brand that embodies his creative spirit and vision. Today, we proudly present our refreshed identity to our valued audience. With a growing team of 20 talented individuals, we are more equipped than ever to refine our processes, elevate our services, and embark on creative projects that push the boundaries of innovation.

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