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Your brand’s potential is limitless, and our Digital Marketing service is the key to unlocking it.

At Oh Hello, we go beyond providing cookie-cutter solutions. We merge digital content design and email marketing not just for exposure, but to spark connections that resonate and drive conversions.

Our approach


With 4 billion daily email users, as per Statista, the challenge is clear: how to shine amidst the crowd? At Oh Hello, we specialize in guiding and assisting you to not only stand out but also ensure that every interaction holds significance. By placing a strong emphasis on crafting narratives and implementing strategic funnel design, we ensure your brand resonates deeply with your audience, making each engagement truly impactful.

Story Matters

Stories sell, not products. We craft all components of your brand, from the visual identity to the narrative and positioning. At Oh Hello, we developed our proven method: the “Say Hello” framework. This framework is the foundation of our work to ensure your brand is articulated uniquely to the world.

Impactful Design

You have mere seconds to capture someone’s attention. We believe in pushing the envelope and creating something you won’t see elsewhere! Every design is also fueled by research and crafted to capture your customer’s attention. Our custom design experience invites you to join the creative process, contributing to work you can take pride in.

Our process

At Oh Hello, our process isn’t just a roadmap; it’s your path to a digital presence that captivates, engages, and converts. We break down the process into three strategic steps that seamlessly guide your brand from inception to impactful conversion.

We immerse ourselves in your goals, aligning our strategy with your vision. Through kick-off calls, we ensure a deep understanding of your needs, whether for content or email marketing.

Backed by data-driven insights and thorough research, we outline a plan that seamlessly blends your brand’s identity with industry trends. When it comes to content design, we create assets that resonate within your industry while staying true to your brand’s essence. For funnels, we ensure a smooth customer journey that aligns with prevailing industry standards.

Our expertise spans various platforms. From disseminating content across social media or your website to orchestrating email campaigns on your preferred platform, we handle it all. Your strategies are executed flawlessly, ensuring a cohesive and impactful digital presence.

Above and
At Oh Hello, our unwavering commitment is to delight our clients in every way possible.
We deliver the full-cycle of development process, from prototyping to design, development and to post-launch support and maintenance.

Selected works

Bringing art and people together–a multicultural approach to boost attendance and awareness for the Lincoln Arts Festival.


Strategic funnels ensure that your audience receives tailored content, guiding them seamlessly towards meaningful conversions and interactions.

Our email campaigns are meticulously designed to guide recipients through strategic funnels, delivering content that resonates and drives them to take action.

Absolutely! Our digital content design harmonizes with your brand’s essence, resonating with your audience and delivering your message effectively.

Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions guide our strategies, ensuring each campaign is optimized for conversions.

Our email campaigns are designed to align with your brand strategy, guiding your audience through tailored funnels for meaningful conversions.

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