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Introducing Swoonez: a heartwarming brand that specializes in unique character towels for children. Founded by Sheree and Charles Moon, Swooneez is dedicated to crafting exceptional products that infuse bath time with warmth, creativity, and cherished memories. The Cuddly Friendz collection invites children to embark on imaginative adventures at bathtime.


As a startup D2C business, Swooneez founders understood why it was critical to develop a strong brand from the ground up. The goal: create a visual representation that encapsulated the essence of the brand and its narrative while ensuring it would stand out in a competitive market.

Additionally, crafting messaging that spoke to the warmth and creativity of their character towels was key.


To address these challenges, we embarked on the journey of revamping Swooneez’ logo—a symbol that would define the brand’s identity. Our team designed a personalized logo from scratch, featuring custom illustrations that authentically represented the heart of the Swooneez experience.

Simultaneously, we developed unique messaging to convey the brand’s core values and the exceptional nature of their character towels. The objective was to establish a versatile identity and messaging framework that not only introduced Swooneez to the market but also left a memorable and distinctive impression.

Brand Design

To position Swooneez products as cherished memory-maker gifts for kids, Oh Hello conducted in-depth workshops to refine the brand’s messaging. These workshops were instrumental in ensuring that the messaging perfectly aligned with Swooneez’s core values of warmth, creativity, and the creation of cherished memories. By crafting language that evoked emotions of love, joy, and the magic of childhood, we transformed ordinary bath time essentials into extraordinary memory-maker gifts.

Wrap your little ones in love

Logo Design

Our process began with collaborative sessions to understand the brand’s essence. Our creative team then conceptualized personalized logo designs, incorporating custom illustrations that captured the heart of Swooneez. Each iteration focused on infusing movement, attention to detail, and a seamless balance with typography.

Visual Identity

After collaborative sessions with Swooneez founders Charles and Sheree Moon on the logo, our creative journey was starting to take shape. We initiated the next stage in our process by crafting stylescapes that encapsulated the essence of Swooneez. From there, we meticulously designed every detail, including custom illustrations that harmonized flawlessly with the distinct towel designs.

Our creative journey extended to crafting bespoke gift tags and cards, ensuring a seamless visual identity that resonated with the brand’s warmth, creativity, and commitment to cherished memories.

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