Case Study

Roots Collective

Roots Collective is a modern hair salon that specializes in catering to women with curly hair. Founded by Addis Browne, the salon helps clients embrace their natural curls and leave feeling like their best hair days are not just at a salon!


We tackled the challenge of updating Roots Collective Salon’s logo and messaging to better reflect their organic and botanical brand identity. Their previous logo, featuring a comb and scissors, didn’t fully capture this essence. Our solution was a new logo that kept the hair salon identity while incorporating organic lines, movement, and botanical elements. In addition, we assisted the client in repositioning their brand and developing messaging to effectively communicate their unique salon experience.


Our approach was to create a personalized logo by incorporating custom illustrative elements that would resonate with the brand’s essence and values. Simultaneously, we worked on developing distinctive messaging that would effectively communicate the brand’s unique offerings.

We aimed to design a logo and messaging that would be versatile across various platforms while retaining the salon’s core identity.


After our brainstorming session with founder Addis, a mood board was created, which we used to align on the vision while working on the initial versions. In each subsequent round, we worked on movement, detail, and creating integrity in working with typography and illustrations.

Round 01


Arched typography with tattoo-inspired flowers.
Thin soft-shape typeface combined with a translucent vintage botanical illustration.
Circle sign with a retro, groove-inspired floral illustration in the center.

Round 02


Arched typography with tattoo-inspired flowers.
Circle sign with a retro, groove-inspired floral illustration in the center.

Round 03


Brand Messaging

To convey the idea that a visit to Roots Collective Salon is more than just a haircut, we developed messaging around the concept of an immersive experience infused with humor and pop culture. We highlighted the salon’s welcoming atmosphere, personalized services, and the expertise of their stylists.

Additionally, we highlighted their mission to empower clients to embrace their natural curls with confidence. This positions Roots Collective as the ideal destination for women seeking exceptional care and transformation for their curly hair.

Got 99 problems but your hair shouldn’t be one!Let your hair journey begin at Roots Collective!Got 99 problems but your hair shouldn’t be one!We believe good hair is meant for everyone. Start your hair journey with us.


The new logo has generated significant buzz around the Roots Collective brand, resonating with its target audience of women with curly hair. The logo’s distinct design has not only captured the attention of potential clients but also reinforced the salon’s commitment to serving all women with curly hair. With the refreshed brand image, Roots Collective is well-positioned to continue growing and making a lasting impression in their industry.


By aligning the brand’s visual identity with its messaging, we helped Roots Collective Salon create a cohesive and compelling narrative that appeals to their target audience and sets them apart in the market.

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